Last week I spent interesting 2 days in a training on ‘Designing agile organizations’. It turns out there is no single approach or integrated framework to address this challenge. We all need to find the answers ourselves. But thanks to Cesario Ramos and Ralph Jocham we have now a toolbox of proven methods and techniques to face the challenge! Great training!

Markus Schweizer
Senior Strategy Advisor

Two great days spent learning about how to organize for adaptability from the great trainers Ralph Jocham and Cesario Ramos Highly recommended!

Martin Ahlström
Agile Coach

Many thanks for the awesome training, Cesario!

Timo Kytola
Senior Agile Coach | Volkswagen Infotainment

An honor to participate in the first training about the fresh new book “Creating Agile Organizations”. Understanding organisations from a holistic perspective. Getting deeper into why big agile transformations often underdeliver. Thanks Cesario Ramos and Ilia Pavlichenko for sharing your well of wisdom. I can’t wait to bring the knowledge back to Belgium.

Diego Callizo
Agile Coach, Trainer and Consultant

Loved being part of these two days. It was incredibly inspirational!

Stas Pavlov
Professional Scrum Trainer | Prowareness

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