Become a certified trainer

How to become a ‘Creating Agile Organizations’ trainer

To attain the designation of a certified ‘Creating Agile Organizations’ trainer, candidates must undertake a series of steps. This includes a curated reading list, comprehensive interviews, a thorough assessment, and the submission of an experience report. Upon successful completion of these requirements, trainers will be granted permission to list their courses on our official website, receive exclusive access to our full slide deck repository, and secure an invitation to our annual trainers’ convention.

Attending Course(s) 

Attend the Designing Agile Organizations course (DAO) to become a Certified trainer. Optionally attend the Creating Agile Organizations course (CAO) if you also want to teach the CAO course.

Reading List

  • Creating Agile Organizations – C.Ramos, I.Pavlichenko
  • Organization Design – N.Worren
  • Re-Creating the Corporation – R.Ackoff
  • Scaling Lean and Agile Development – C.Larman, B.Vodde.
  • Fifth Discipline 2nd edition – P. Senge
  • A Scrum Book – ScrumPlop ( Scaling Sequence, Value Area’s )
  • Systems Thinking for Social Change – D.P. Stroh

Pass The Assessment Of Open Questions

Online assessment.


Discuss understanding of the books content, course topics.

Article & Teach block

Write and publish an experience report about applying Organization Design. Provide a teaching block (course content + exercises) to share with other trainers about a topic of choice.

Final Evaluation

Taking the whole experience, assessment, conversation, article and teach block into account.

What you get

  • Course publication site + students certification process + course assessment
  • Annual trainer meetup
  • Courseware – default slide deck with objectives/mandatory exercises
  • Periodic updates to courseware


Year trainer fee and per student certification fee.

CAO certificate

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