Become a Certified Creating Agile Organizations Trainer

Become a Certified Creating Agile Organizations Trainer

What is most important for management to understand about being an Agile organization? That you understand that an organizational design is a primary factor in supporting or limiting the people’s possibility to adapt to customer demand effectively.

How to become a Certified Trainer?

Becoming a trainer requires the following steps

Attending Course(s) 

Attend the Designing Agile Organizations course (DAO) to become a Certified trainer. Optionally attend the Creating Agile Organizations course (CAO) if you also want to teach the CAO course.

Reading List

  • Creating Agile Organizations – C.Ramos, I.Pavlichenko
  • Organization Design – N.Worren
  • Re-Creating the Corporation – R.Ackoff
  • Scaling Lean and Agile Development, C.Larman, B.Vodde)
  • Fifth Discipline 2nd edition, P. Senge
  • A Scrum Book – ScrumPlop ( Scaling Sequence, Value Area’s )
  • Systems Thinking for Social Change – D.P. Stroh

Pass the Assesment of open questions

Online assessment.


Discuss understanding of the books content, course topics ( with Cesario or Ilia ).

Article & Teach block

Write and publish an article about applying Organization Design. Provide a teaching block ( course content + exercises ) to share with other trainers about a topic of choice.

Final Evaluation

Taking the whole exprience, assessment, conversation, article and teach block into account.

What you get 

  • Course publication site + students certification process + course assessment
  • Annual trainer meetup
  • Courseware – default slide deck with objectives/mandatory exercises
  • Periodic updates to courseware


Year trainer fee and per student certification fee.