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Perhaps the greatest misunderstanding about Agile—especially at scale—is that it’s just a new process or way of working or mindset or culture. Senior management then incorrectly thinks, “Since this is just a change of practices and processes and mindset, our role is to support it with education for the hands-on people. And . . . these new practices and culture can be introduced into the existing organization.

The most important concept to understand about Agile organizations is that an organizational design is the primary factor in supporting or limiting the people’s possibility to adapt to customer demand effectively.

The Book

Creating Agile Organizations helps you to move from agility with individual teams to agility at a large scale.

The book could be roughly divided into two parts. The first one, Foundational Concepts, includes guidelines for organizational design, Systems Thinking, flow and resource efficiency and guidelines for productive change.

The second half of the book, Applying the Concepts, offers practical tools for large-scale organizational Agile adoption, for example, defining a product workshop, tools for preparing and facilitating large-scale Agile events, and guides for working with teams and leadership.

Creating Agile Organization Courses

When it comes to training, are you looking for more than standard theoretical training by a trainer without practical experience? Our trainers teach and guide organizations daily around the world and have been doing that for decades.

In our courses, you learn how to create an organization that can respond effectively to market changes and delight customers. The courses cover how an Agile transformation affects the organization design, from structure, roles & responsibilities and product definition to processes, people and rewards.

Creating Agile Organizations Course

Designing Agile Organizations Course

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