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Creating Agile organizations

Helping organizations execute any strategy effectively.

In today’s fast-evolving landscape, technology, people, and market dynamics are constantly shifting. To seize the opportunities presented by these changes, you require an agile organization that can swiftly adapt with minimal costs. The solution? Evolve an agile organization design that empowers your teams to take ownership and adapt rapidly.

What is CAO?

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Welcome to the future of organizational design. Creating Agile Organizations (CAO) is a systemic approach to organizational improvement that helps you evolve the necessary agile capabilities to execute any strategy effectively.

Create Your Future: Design for Strategic Agility 

Discover how the CAO approach helps you:

Break Free from rigid frameworks that don’t reflect your organization’s unique dynamics.

Simplify your organization’s design choices with a clear, effective pathway to your strategic objectives.

Empower your teams to take ownership and accountability, reducing dependence on external guidance.

Drive outcomes by aligning the organizational model directly with your strategic goals.

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The CAO approach

Design For Strategic Agility

It’s time to stop trying to scale agile with frameworks, and start evolving our operating model to fit our strategies and empower our teams. This shift leads to a dynamic organization that continually evolves and improves.


Align with Your Strategic Focus: Discover the essential capabilities required to effectively execute your strategy. Understanding these capabilities allows you to create a robust foundation for organizational success.


Identify Capability Gaps: Learn how to recognize and address the weaknesses in your organization. This knowledge is crucial in strengthening your operational effectiveness and strategic execution.


Define Your Products & Product Groups: Optimize your organization for success by clearly defining your products and product groups. This clarity enhances focus and drives better results.


Utilize DAO Design Guides: Make informed decisions with our DAO Organization Design Guides. These guides are instrumental in helping you close capability gaps over time, ensuring that your organization remains agile and responsive.


Prepare & Launch Your Product Groups in Phases: Gradually transition to your new operational model through phased launches of your product groups. This approach enhances your capabilities step by step, ensuring a smoother integration and more effective execution.


Measure Progress: Track how well your organization closes capability gaps. This ongoing assessment helps maintain your focus on continuous improvement and strategic alignment.


Evolve Continuously: Adapt your organization to changes in strategy for continuous improvement. It’s about creating an agile organization that not only implements strategies but evolves with them.

This approach is not just about implementing agile frameworks; it’s about evolving your organizational design to develop the capabilities needed for better strategy execution. Join us in redefining agility for business success.

The CAO guide

Navigating agile organization design with the free CAO guide.

Transform your organization today: Dive into the cao guide and master the art of agile organization design! Learn the foundational elements, principles, and axioms to navigate the complexities of today’s business world. Download the CAO guide now and begin your journey towards organizational agility and success!

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CAO book

The CAO book

Creating agile organizations helps you to move from agility with individual teams to agility at a large scale.

The book could be roughly divided into two parts. The first half, foundational concepts, includes guidelines on organizational design, systems thinking, flow and resource efficiency and guidelines for productive change. The second half of the book, applying the concepts, offers practical tools for large-scale organizational agile adoption. For example defining a product workshop, launching a product group, tools for preparing and facilitating large-scale agile events, and guidelines for working with teams and leadership.

Watch the two-minute overview of the book:

Professional training

Are you ready to take your organizational skills to the next level?

Our curriculum covers all aspects of agile transformation and how it impacts the structure, roles, and responsibilities within your organization. You’ll learn how to define your products, streamline your processes, and unleash the full potential of your talented workforce. Plus, we’ll show you how to align rewards and incentives, to maximize productivity and create a culture of excellence. Join our courses now and learn about creating agile organizations.

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Designing agile organizations

As a leader, you know that being agile is key to meeting your customers’ needs. But did you know that your organizational design plays a critical role in enabling or hindering your team’s ability to adapt? By taking this course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to design an agile organization that supports your business strategy.

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Creating agile organizations

This workshop offers practical tools for supporting agile transformations. It equips individuals for the challenges of creating agile organizations, emphasizing the need for patience, humor, and commitment. Through this process, participants will learn to adapt more efficiently to market changes.

Looking for an in-company course?

We offer DAO and CAO courses in many European countries. Contact us without obligation if you would like to organise a professional workshop in your company.

The creating agile organizations approach

Foundational concepts:

Applying the concepts:

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Experience reports

Experience reports

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Applying CAO Guidelines at a Big German Insurance Company 

Applying CAO Guidelines at a Big German Insurance Company  By Wolfgang Steffens – Certified Creating Agile Organizations Trainer. This experience report describes in hindsight the beginning of the Agile journey of the IT department Terra. This IT department was part...

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Conference talks & interviews

Dive into real-world applications of creating agile organizations. Learn from the challenges and triumphs of experts. Access engaging insights on-the-go.

A Discussion about Agile Organizational Design

Host Dave West of interviews the authors of the book, Creating Agile Organizations, A Systemic Approach, Cesario Ramos and Ilia Pavlichenko. They chat about their motivation behind the book, problems with traditional organizational...

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The creating agile organizations BLOG

Product Definition Explained in 10 min

Exciting Insight on Product Definition!  The world of Agile product development A critical yet often overlooked aspect is defining your product effectively. A robust product definition goes beyond what’s listed in the catalog—it's the foundation of your organization's...

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Measure Transformation, Not Conformation

Measure Transformation, Not Conformation The core of agile isn’t conforming to some framework but the ability to adapt, respond, and deliver value efficiently. Hence, when measuring agile transformation, focus on the newly developed capabilities of your organization....

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