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Designing agile organziations

Stay ahead of the curve and thrive in this era of change!

Did you know that most successful organizations don’t rely on rigid Agile frameworks?

It might sound surprising, especially since we often see coaches scaling Agile with detailed frameworks. While these frameworks have their place, they can only take you so far. True success comes from a more flexible, adaptive approach that allows your organization to evolve and thrive.

Discover to how design for strategic agility with the Designing Agile Organizations (DAO) course.

DAO Course overview

This 2-day certified course is about designing an agile organization that effectively supports your business strategy and delights the customer.

As a leader, you know that being agile is key to meeting your customers’ needs. But did you know that your organizational design plays a critical role in enabling or hindering your team’s ability to adapt? By taking this course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to design an agile organization that supports your business strategy.

Certified – Designing Agile Organizations (DAO).

All participants receive a Designing Agile Organizations certificate and a copy of the book: Creating Agile Organizations.

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Be able to design your organization for adaptability and highest value delivery.

Learn how to evolve a tailored organization design that reflects your organization’s unique dynamics and strategy.

Understand the systemic approach to improving the performance of your organization.

Course agenda

Who should attend?

The agile organization designer course is for leaders that play a key role in an agile organization redesign effort. We recommend that senior leadership, tech and business representatives attend, preferably together.

Day 1: Design For Strategic Alignment

What is an agile organization?

Overview of the CAO approach.

Aligning Organization Design with Your Strategic Focus.

Driving Organization Design with Capabilities

Systems Thinking for designing an agile organization.

Designing The Product or Service

Designing The Product Group

Eliminating Team Dependencies by Design

Day 2: Design For Global Improvement

Designing The Larger Organization

Decoupling Departments, Shared Services & Product Groups

Designing Product Management & Line Managment.

The Agile Organization design guides.

Processes & integration: how to coordinate and integrate across units.

People practices.

Working with Large Platform groups

Extensive Q&A


We provide courses all over the world. Find one that fits your agenda, or contact us for an in-house course for your team.

Training and certifications in Russia are not possible. Our hearts go out to all those affected by the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. We are deeply troubled by the violence and its impact on innocent people.

CAO book

Introduction to the CAO approach

To quote john seddon: “culture change is free. People’s behaviour is a product of their system”. Participants explore how to design an agile organization, from product definition, structure, roles and responsibilities to your appraisal system.

Participants leave this course with an appreciation for the agile mindset and how to deal with common adoption mistakes. They gain the understanding about how to make informed decisions about their transformation that will be most beneficial to their organization.

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