Creating Agile Organizations (CAO) Circle overview

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Design for Strategic Agility

Stuck with a framework that doesn’t fit your organization? Develop a tailored operating model that evolves with your organization.

Overwhelmed by too many framework options? Simplify the transformation journey with a context specific, capability-driven approach.

No visible improvements from your transformation investment? Design your organization to align and support your strategic goals.

Coaches providing ‘answers’ without understanding your organization’s dynamics? Study context and strategic needs to successfully apply guidelines, axioms, and principles.

Teams feeling disempowered? Drive meaningful improvements and empower your teams.

Create an agile framework to your specific needs by leveraging axioms, principles, and proven guidelines

the cao approach overview

Watch the 3 min overview of the Creating Agile Organizations approach by Cesario Ramos.

Evolve your agile organization design

Curious about creating your own agile organization? Read the story below: “evolving your agile organization model.” Broken into four short posts, you’ll follow product director Sara and Agile Coach Kim as they create their model.

Part 1

“Breaking Free: A Product Director’s Quest for Change and New Capabilities“ Sara explores the impact adaptability has on current thinking and organization design.

Part 2

“Ditch your framework and evolve your own“ Sara learns practical tips about ditching her current framework and adopting a systemic approach to evolve her own.

Part 3

“What are the detailed steps for building my framework? – the structure” tackles the challenge of defining your group, and its relationships with other departments. You’ll find tips on how to incorporate middle management roles.

Part 4

“Middle Management’s role in Appraisals?” explores the details of how to do appraisals and the role of management.

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The creating agile organizations approach

Foundational concepts:

Applying the concepts: