Organizational Design for
the Modern World

As a leader, you know that success is not just about having a great strategy,but also about having the right capabilities in place to execute it. That’s why we’re passionate about redesigning organizations like yours to build Agile capabilities that propel you to new heights of success.

Evolve Your Agile Organization Design

Many successful organizations have developed an agile organizational design that suits their specific requirements. However, the most prosperous organizations work together with their teams to create a model that they can take ownership of and constantly enhance to adapt to customer demands effectively.

Curious about creating your own Agile organization? Read the story below: “Evolving Your Agile Organization Model.”

Broken into four short posts, you’ll follow product director Sara and Agile Coach Kim as they create their model. 

Part 1, “Breaking Free: A Product Director’s Quest for Change and New Capabilities Sara explores the impact adaptability has on current thinking and organization design.

In part 2, “Ditch your framework and evolve your own Sara learns practical tips about ditching her current framework and adopting a systemic approach to evolve her own.

Part 3, “What are the detailed steps for building my framework? – the structuretackles the challenge of defining your group, and its relationships with other departments. You’ll find tips on how to incorporate middle management roles. 

Part 4 “Middle Management’s role in Appraisals? explores the details of how to do appraisals and the role of management.

Consider the tips for building an effective model that will take your organization to the next level.


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